We support the Protectors of America!

All those in the armed forces will receive a 20% discount from LIST (MSRP) price on their orders from my site. All discounts are on UE kits only and are taken from LIST (MSRP) price.  In other words, double discounting does not apply.

While shipping to APO addresses is painful, we will do so. Please bear in mind that US mail has 60 days to deliver your package and no tracking is available.

I’ll extend this further to include law enforcement, fire departments, and search and rescue as you folks also risk your lives to protect American’s freedom and safety. 

This is my way of saying thank you.

How do you get verified? Sounds like a copy of your Military ID with any sensitive data blacked out will be sufficient proof. Based on what I see of the first id sent you should scan the front and back then black out your signature, your SS#, bar code and the thing at the bottom that looks like a scrambled bar code. Will some of you in the service be sure to clear this with “the powers that be” and make sure this is OK?

I understand that transmitting a copy of your ID may be unacceptable. It’s been suggested by one commanding officer that you can send a command letter verifying your status in the service. This will be fine as well. 

I’m really hoping no one will try to take advantage of this – it’s intention is for those who’s job it is to risk their lives to protect the freedom we all take for granted. 

I’m leaving the proving process pretty easy for now. If abused I’ll have to tighten it down, but will not eliminate this program.

The site ordering can’t handle any of this yet, so I’ll have to return the funds manually.


Thank you all,


I’d like to post you folks here, unless you object of course. 

Send an e-mail to Webmaster@UnlimitedEngineering.com include a brief bio and any photos.