SuperShoe 3.0 Aluminum Clutch Shoes for 4 Shoe Clutch

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Since we first released our 4 shoe flywheel I’ve had numerous requests for aluminum shoes.

Over the years I’ve been tuning clutches several things have always annoyed me.

The need to remove material from the face that meets up with the flywheel to prevent the shoe from dragging on it and hindering movement

Deburring edges

When ‘fooling’ with weights, trying to get the lightning holes in the same spot

There’s also been some toughness issues with the carbon shoes where users have broken them during installation.

Of the aluminum shoes I’ve tried their life has not justified the use and I always switched back to carbon shoes.

So I went about making an Aluminum shoe at the request of you, the customer.

The first thing to do was stay close to the weights of the existing carbon shoes. We knew these worked well and liked the stall points.

Next build in an anti-scuff area so there was no longer a need to remove material from the face touching the flywheel or use washers.

To reduce the galling that plagues the aluminum shoes we’ve used to date we chamfered the edges.

Last I added points to the shoe so that if ‘tuning’ was desired, it could be easily repeated over all the shoes so they work together.

And we came up with the SuperShoe and sent it out to users for testing

SuperShoe Features:

Light weight

Built in Anti-Scuff

Chamfered Edges

Precision points for lightening

No special springs needed


7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum


Fits 86015 and OFN10271

Results were surprising

Little or no wear or galling

Stall point near identical to that of the carbon shoes with the standard springs that are included in the 4 shoe kit.

Strong hook up

Personally I found the power transfer ability a little more than I prefer, so we made another that has 20% less grip for a little more slip for those of you who like them that way.

At this point it’s my opinion that these are still in the experimental phase and it’s time for wide user testing under a variety of conditions, so for now you can get them for $10 a set (set of 4) in either the higher grip version (86017) or the reduced grip (86018)

The first batch is nearly finished and should be ready to ship by Monday Dec 22.

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