SuperShock Parts, The Motherlode

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Have you ever been at the track and been searching for some tiny 2¢ shock part for an hour? We have too. So I whipped up a bill of materials which was ‘a handful of this and a handful of that’ and sent it off to my buddies at Ofna for packaging. They have arrived.

The first time I spread one out on the table at the track someone commented “wow, that’s quite the motherload of shock parts.”

Hence the new name ‘The Motherload.’

No more searching for some tiny part, just throw The Motherload in your pitbox and worry no more.

Please don’t count the items in this pic and say “you show 14 and I only got 13” as this isn’t quite accurate. I show a handful and you get a handful. Which is the intent here. We kept costs low but this means that counting each and every single item just isn’t practical. There’s enough parts in here to completely rebuild your 4 shock RacerX Supershocks set…twice.

Hope you enjoy it and share your newfound wealth with your buddies when they are searching for that 2¢ part.

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