Generation 5 SuperMaxx Victory Bulkless System Pro Kit (VBS) Ti Skids

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ALL NEW: Gen 5 Victory Bulkless System (VBS)


  • Integrated wing mounting, accepts Mugen MBX5 & MBX8 & MBX8 +10 wing mounts as well as the Hot Bodies V2 wing mounts.
  • Another set of shock holes across the top for those bigger shocks we want to run.
  • Beefed up in a few areas, because it can never be ‘too strong’.
  • Titanium skids & Jounces.
  • Aluminum bumpers.
  • Hardened toolsteel hingepins w/ TiN coating for that slippery smooth motion and strong enough to never bend.
  • Bigger screws to hold the hingepins positively locked in place.  Hingepins falling out are a thing of the past.
  • Integrated swaybars with 5 different diameters included in the kit for the ultimate in tuning, a total of 10x swaybars included (swaybars are not compatible with an 8 shock truck because we use one of the shock locations, VBS kit is 8 shock compatible.)
  • Titanium T-Bar for the ultimate in strength for those of you running turnbuckles on the rear suspension like the stock Maxx does.

Included in the kit:

  • Front and Rear upper and lower blocks of the VBS with polished finish. (note:  photos of unpolished prototypes.)
  • Front and Rear Titanium Skidplates and Titanium Jounces with brushed finish.
  • 8x Hardened Toolsteel hingepins with Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating. (note: photo shows black, they will be gold in production.)
  • 10x Sway Bars in 5 different sizes, end links, pivot balls and retainers.
  • 8x Ø5mm and 4x Ø6mm shock standoffs included.
  • 2x complete 8 Spider Differentials are included.
  • Class 10.9 fasteners, because you want strength in your fasteners.
  • Detailed instructions.  Assembly is required.

Below is a page out of history, the Gen 4 VBS which became the Gen 5:

In the beginning came the T-Maxx. It revolutionized the truck world. I think this surprised Traxxas as much as it did everyone else. They came up with a simple yet effective method for attaching the suspension to the chassis and holding onto things like the differential gears and shock towers.

Those of us high performance folks quickly found the weaknesses in this system. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with the Traxxas design, it clearly does as it’s intended to do.

Many aftermarket manufacturers addressed some of these problems by replicating the stock plastic system in stronger materials, these were heavy and still didn’t address some of the underlying weaknesses.

Here at Unlimited Engineering we simply don’t replicate plastic in metal. We always seek out to improve the design’s function along with weight and strength. Many of you have noticed that we don’t have a bulkhead. There’s a reason for this.

I set out 2+ years ago to replace the system that connects the suspension to the chassis and holds the gears with something new. Something not only stronger, but with that actually was advantageous to the handling of the truck and light as possible.

Today we have finally succeeded and not without many hurdles along the way.


  • Improve handling
  • House the differentials
  • Strength
  • Lightweight
  • A better bumper design
  • Get rid of the weak 3mm screws holding the skid which have always cause grief.
  • Better support for the arms
  • Attractive looking
  • Easier access to the differential gears

All these have not only been met, but we exceeded even our own expectations.


  • Radical geometry changes have allowed VBS equipped trucks handle far superior than previous trucks have. When combined with the RacerX suspension it’s an unbeatable combination.
  • Holds the ever popular 7.5 differentials and Stock Traxxas gears as well.
  • Four Times stronger than the strongest competitor on the market today, the upper and lower blocks are made from 7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum.
  • 50 grams lighter than the lightest competitor on the market today.
  • Spring bumper design reinforces the skid plate.
  • 4mm Screws hold the VBS to the skid plates – no more stripped out hexes or sheared screws
  • Lower arms are supported at four points (verses the 3 that every other Maxx bulkhead has.) Since testing of this style began 2 years ago with our first prototype we have not bent one lower hingepin or lower arm.
  • Not a head doesn’t turn when these beauties are around.
  • Pop the skid plate off the VBS separates and you have instant access to the differential. You no longer need to disturb your suspension or detach it from the truck (T-Maxxes, you don’t need to remove the engine to access the gears anymore.

The Victory Bulkless System is sure to bring home the prize. In recent races VBS equipped trucks have always lapped the competition.


Q: Will the VBS attach to my Maxx? Will it work on the 2.5 Maxx?

A: Yes, the VBS is designed to work with any Maxx derivative that conforms to the Traxxas standards of mounting points.

Q: Do I have to run them both front and rear?

A: No, you may use only one, as long as you use the same gear type front and rear you’ll be fine.

Q: What happens if I break one, pretty expensive to replace?

A: In the unlikely event that you do manage to damage one, yes, it’s true it would be expensive to replace, though with the UE insurance policy this should take the sting out of it.

Q: I already have aftermarket skidplates, can I use them?

A: The answer to this is No, and Yes. No, they are not a direct fit. Yes, you can modify most aftermarket skidplates to work with the VBS if you have the ability to modify them. We will provide a hold template. I have personally done so during the prototype phase of this project using one of the popular aftermarket Titanium skids.

Q: Can stock like suspensions with rear turnbuckles be used?

A: Yes, there’s a T-Bar that attaches to the rear bulkless for this purpose. Those running the RacerX which doesn’t use a rear turnbuckle will leave this off – as shown in the pics.


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