SuperMaxx Servo Saver Kit, Generation 5

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Tired of that wimpy servo saver that was designed for a 3lb truck?

Those little plastic servo savers do a great job on a 3 lb truck, but are less than adequate on your 9-12lb Monster Truck.

You’ve got that nice new heavy duty $50-100 servo yet still have the $2 servo saver?

Do you find your steering mushy and sloppy at center?

You turn the wheel and all it’s doing is winding the spring?

Well we’ve got the trick kit for you. This new cam-lock style servo saver system will give you razor sharp control yet still protect your servo in a crash.


No more mushy center.

No more winding the spring.

Precise control of your steering.

They come with bearings.

All heavy duty parts.

You get draglink, bellcranks, saver, posts, spring, bearings and more.

Update 11-22-02 Generation IV Servo Saver available now. Now 2 years after releasing the SuperMaxx Servo Saver system, we revisited the design and improved it.

All new cam lock system giving more consistent release and is resistant to fouling from lack of maintenance

Rigid side of the bellcrank is now made from 7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum, making this twice as strong.

Shoulder screws have been replace with sleeves and screws to reduce the cost of replacing these after a bad crash or overtorquing.

Now including 3 different springs so you can tune it to your needs.

Generation IV Servo Saver

New double involute helix cam-loc system – resists fouling due to lack of maintenance

Titanium Draglink

All the aluminum parts are now Aircraft Grade 7075-T6

We’ve found that the TRX steering posts (the uprights that connect chassis to skid) are are a load bearing member in the chassis and severe abuse will buckle them. Failure has nothing to do with the steering system it’s entirely due to the loading in the chassis. The posts we have made will be solid (instead of drilled through) and will be made from 7075-T6 (stock is 6061-T6). This should give us ~3x the strength in buckling.

Initially we made the draglink a beefy 6061-T6 unit. I found that I was still able to bend it with severe abuse. The kit now includes a Titanium draglink which should prove to be indestructible. Note it’s unique shape – this is the result of extensive Finite Element analysis to balance the loading and eliminate the high stress area around the threaded holes.

These Titanium draglinks are in stock now and are available for $20. They may be used with stock and other aftermarket bellcranks.

Stock E-Maxx chassis will need some modification due to the molded in spacer which rides on the post on the T and on all the aftermarket chassis I’ve seen.

I’ve now been running this in one flavor or another for some time now and can only say that the steering control is vastly improved. At a recent event I grabbed the front wheels on another SuperMaxx (nearly identical to mine, less the SS) and I thought it was broken it was so mushy. This is truly an amazing difference. He left the event sporting a new SS and was tickled with the difference.

Saver Only Kit:
I will also offer the saver portion of the Servo Saver kit separately. Many of you already have other aftermarket aluminum steering parts or are just on a tight budget, but could benefit from the saver portion of the SM Servo Saver kit.

The saver only kit will be just the parts needed to install the saver in your truck (no draglink, rigid bellcrank, bearings, posts etc.)

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