SuperMaxx EXT Suspension Pro Kit

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The EXT Suspension is our flag ship product. It’s become world renowned for strength and handling ability. It’s been tested and tortured by the back yard basher and the serious racer and all agree it has no equal. The advanced geometry and exotic materials makes it the world leader in suspension design for your Maxx.

This all aluminum suspension system has been engineered to provide proper camber, caster and toe change throughout the range of motion. Your truck will be 15mm wider per side ~1.2in overall. It’s far more than just additional width. The new design keeps the wheel perpendicular to the ground throughout the vast majority of the suspension travel. The offset knuckle and unequal length arm system is optimized to maintain optimal tire contact with the ground even when the truck dives into a sharp turn. It can also be set up to greatly increase the amount of wheel travel for stadium jumping. The shock towers and a-arms have numerous shock mounting positions, which allows flexible adjustment for many different track conditions and desired handling characteristics.

Our kit has been through extensive computer and real world testing. We use only the very latest in “CAD/CAM” (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing), such as solid modeling, finite element analysis, dynamics, and software for programming the CNC machines. Then we strap it to a fire breathing Ported Ofna Hyper .21 powered Maxx and launch it into orbit, slam it into walls and pound it into the ground. We’ve never broken a SuperMaxx part!

Update Summer 2003: EXT suspension’s knuckles have recently undergone redesign. We incorporated what we learned from the RacerX into the EXT for lighter weight and improved rear geometry. Also upgraded bearings to Ø16mm OD. As shown below:

Full Kit includes:

4 Lower Suspension Arms

4 Upper Suspension Arms

4 Steering Knuckles (large bearing)

8 Pillowball Retainers

4 Titanium Turnbuckles

8 Titanium Hingepins

8 6x16x5 2RS axle bearings

2 Shock Towers

8 Shock Standoffs

4 Body Post Supports

All Necessary Hardware

Easy to follow detailed Instructions


Kit is made from top quality aircraft aluminum

High stress areas like arms & towers are made from exotic 7075-T6. It’s twice as strong and 50% harder than 6061-T6.

Finish is natural

Weight is ~11oz more than stock

Large bearing upgrade has more than double the load capacity of the stock bearings.

E-clip type suspension pins are required and are NOW included. We’ve even gone the extra mile and used Titanium Hingepins

Installation requires Loctite “Blue”

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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