SuperMaxx CVDS, EXT (pair) 8mm Axle, Steel)


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New SuperDuty Ø8mm Axle Features:

4x stronger than 6mm axles.

Weight of a complete assembly (Axle, bearings, separator, hex & nut) only 1 gram greater than a 6mm assembly

6mm thread is 50% stronger than the 5mm thread on std axles.

Designed with the big block users in mind.

Design is strong enough that we can now make Titanium Axles as well for a weight reduction of 6.5 grams per wheel! Available: TBA.


Unlimited Engineering Ø16mm version Bearing knuckles. (all suspensions made since 5-1-03 have been Ø16mm)

Eight 8x16x5 Bearings. We carry ABEC1 and ABEC5 both with rubber seals in this size.

10mm socket or nut driver (some wheels do not have much clearance and you will need to turn the socket down a little)

Std Maxx wheel hole is Ø6mm, however repeated tightenings of the nut may ‘squish’ this down a little, it may be necessary to open the hole back up to Ø6mm.

UE CVDS Features:

Designed to take the horsepower of today’s high powered .21 engines.

Designed to be long enough to double nut. If you’ve ever had a wheel come off in a race, you know how great a feature this is.

These constant velocity style shafts are made for the extended width of the RacerX, EXT or WideTrac™ Suspension.

EXT version is a direct fit for the new 2.5 Maxx (Traxxas WideMaxx Suspension)

Stock width suspension CVDS are also available

We’ve redesigned the axles to remove the weak area caused by the dowel pin. We made several based on the stock design but were totally unsatisfied with testing of it’s strength. Then I started looking at my stock and aftermarket axles and found them all to be bent. To eliminate the weak area caused by the through hole for the dowel pin we’ve created a special 14mm wheel hex and keyed it to the axle. The design is 10x stronger. We’ve used materials that are 3x stronger than the stock material. Under severe testing the axles are still straight.

Titanium CV shaft for super strength and light weight. Also available in Steel for a lower cost. Weight difference is 8-10 grams each.

Hardened steel axle, drive cup and hex nut for long life and the ultimate in strength

Heavy duty dowel pins.

Sold in Pairs, two pairs required per truck

Also available without drive cups for those of you with our 7.5 differential system which already includes drive cups – two less parts you don’t need, save you a few bucks.

It is extremely important that these be installed correctly. Failure to do so will cause premature failure.
The instructions will show how to install these correctly. Failure to do so will void your warranty. Do not use grease or other sticky lubricants – they will suspend grit in the grease and will essentially become grinding compound. Use dry type lubricants.

Note: requires wheels with Traxxas standard 14mm hex mounting.

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