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A year and a half ago we brought you the EXT. In that time it’s become world renowned for strength and fantastic handling.
Then we brought you the WideTrac which offered strength, width & stability as well as removing the bump steer all at a budget price everyone could afford.

So we’ve got the ultimate in strength, we’ve addressed the budget market, we’ve learned a lot from the design of these previous suspensions. It was time for the next generation of suspension. Take what we’ve learned and create an animal bred for the racetrack. Designed from the ground up for the racer. Faster, Lighter, with more tune-ability for the racer in you.

So we set out to build the best racing suspension possible for the Maxx.

The first premise was that the rear suspension needed redesign to get better tracking and control from the rear end and more tune-ability for different track conditions. An H-beam 3 point design was selected. It offered tremendous strength, rigidity and the adjustable camber rise we needed – something never seen before in a Maxx suspension.

Next, at the request of some short track racers the front suspension needed adjustable caster to accommodate smaller tracks giving tighter turning ability for short, tight track environments.

Next up was to make it as light as possible w/o sacrificing strength.

We’ve achieved these goals. 80% of the strength of the EXT and only an ounce or two heavier than the stock plastic TRX components it replaces.

Extensive testing at the track has revealed a suspension that has exceeded all expectations. It handles like a dream, tracks like it’s on rails and has taken the worst punishment we could dish out.

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Suspension Kit includes: •8 Suspension arms 7075-T6
•2 Shock Towers 7075-T6
•4 Steering Knuckles 7075-T6
•8 Pillowball Retainers Unlimited’s unique O-ring design
•4mm front Turnbuckles 7075-T6
•Massive upper rear link & rod end
•8 Titanium Hingepins
•8 gigantic 6x16x5 axle bearings
•8 Shock Standoffs
•4 Body Post Supports
•All Necessary Hardware
•Easy to follow detailed Instructions
Specifications: •Kit is made from top quality aircraft aluminum
•High stress areas like arms & towers & knuckles & turnbuckles are made from exotic 7075-T6. It’s twice as strong and 50% harder than commonly used 6061-T6.
•Weight is a mere ounce or two over stock
•Massive wheel bearings have more than double the load capacity of the stock bearings.
•E-clip type suspension pins are required and are NOW included. We’ve even gone the extra mile and used Titanium Hingepins
•Finish is natural and Polished to a high luster
•Installation requires “Blue” Locite

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