RacerX Setback Arm Kit (pair of arms)

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Announcing the new Setback™ Arms for the RacerX Suspension!


Gives a 22mm longer wheelbase while thrusting the CG significantly forward far more than a simple wheelbase change offers.

CNC machined from a solid billet of 7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum.

Based on our High Impact technology which absorbs impact energy instead of transferring it to other components.

Increased material thickness around the hingpin for greater strength in this high stress area.

Lower shock mounting holes have been moved outward to offer greater adjustability in suspension damping.

A year or so ago we began work on thrusting the CG of the truck forward to help plant the front end more. Along the way I came up with the revolutionary concept of moving the rear wheels back while leaving the remainder of the truck alone – something never seen before. This has a far greater effect on the truck than simply making the wheelbase longer – though it does that too.

Today after much experimentation and testing I can happily reveal the results of our work: the new Setback Arms.

Designed as an upgrade to the RacerX suspension the Setback Arms use knuckle, upper arms, links, allowing you to push the rear wheels back 22mm which greatly effects the handling of the truck.

The front end is totally planted, wheelies on the track are virtually eliminated and the rear end tracks very straight with just a hint of rear toe. Less toe = more speed! Tom Wolf says it’s like a whole new truck and having run it on SuperMaxx One and my Dual Brushless I have to agree that the success of this design far exceeded even our most hopeful design goals.

My dual HV brushless Lighting went from flipping overbackwards like a jackrabbit to planted and 4wd burnouts as it rocketed up to speed.

Installation is simple, flip the uppers over, replace the stock RacerX rear lower arms with the Setbacks and install the pillowballs. Check your CV depth, align it and you are ready to go.

We’ve also increased the material around the hingepin to gain a significant increase in strength in this high stress area.

The setback arm is also a continuation of our High Impact arms which have been performing so well in testing.

We’ve also moved the shock mounting points outward to allow for greater adjustability.

All in all these new arms will radically improve the handling of your racetruck.

Note: This will of course place a greater demand on the bulkheads so I would reccomond VBS or a premium bulkhead. Also, for those of you who like a truck that does wheelies, these are not for you.

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