RacerX Hi-Impact Suspension Arm/ Dual Shock/ Front Lower(pair of arms)


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When SuperMaxx was first formed the EXT suspension was our entry into the market. High strength and handling led it to be an industry leader.

As monster truck racing matured, racers sought lighter solutions to decrease mass in their racetrucks. So in conjunction with designing a better handling suspension for racers we also reduced the weight. Naturally this also resulted in an arm that wasn’t as strong as the EXT’s was.

Today a new generation of arm meets the market. Based on the principal that we could absorb some of the forces instead of transferring them to attached components we did extensive analysis and came up with a design which met the objective. Further design goals were to increase the strength of the arm around the hingepin, make the arm light weight and also optimized them for our SuperShocks. While we were at it, we provisioned the arm for the upcoming release of Ø6mm pillowballs.

The result? As strong as EXT, light as RacerX, Impact absorbsion and optimization for SuperShocks and the larger pillowballs, the SuperMaxx High Impact™ front suspension arms.

New Hi-Impact Arms

Available in either dual shock or single shock configuration

Designed as strong as the EXT though as light as a RacerX Arm

Shock mounting has been pushed outboard to allow more adjustability with SuperShocks.

Impact absorbsion reduces the forces transferred to other components.

Provisioned for later upgrade to Ø6mm Pillowballs.

Increased material around the hingepin for greater strength in this area.

We hope you enjoy this new design.

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