High Voltage Lightning Chassis (HVL) – ‘Stock’ Bulkhead Edition

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Once again Unlimited Engineering launches into the RC fray with a new High Voltage Lightning for brushless monster trucks. It all began when I dusted off my original Lightning and tried to upgrade it to a modern brushless power system. I just found it lacking in several categories and decided it was time for an all new chassis.
This one started with a clean sheet of paper and was developed around the components for the ultimate in a Brushless chassis. Keep the CG low for racing, but not so low it can’t perform as a Monster Truck. The battery trays are up off the ground so they have lots of clearance.
We build Monster Trucks and the High Voltage Lightning is no exception. The High Voltage Lightning is classified as a Monster Truck by ROAR rules, but it races just fine in truggy classes. So you get the best of both worlds.
We’ve beat the truck as hard as we can and the chassis is very strong and rigid…as most monocoque chassis are, making it a great platform for the racer and basher alike.
The battery trays position is adjustable so you can change the CG by moving the trays.

It will be available in two versions, one for the VBS (part number 11020) and one for stock like maxx bulkheads (part number 11021.) Pictured above is a prototype ‘stock’ type version.

Tons of information in the forums (if you have trouble registering email me and I’ll get you in.)
Build log for my two prototypes (one VBS and one for ‘stock’ like bulkheads) here
Build log for Eric’s prototype here
Track time at The Pit here with video
Track time in Easley here with video, video
More track time in Easley here with video
Here’s a link to our Facebook page with photos, video and announcements.

Included in the HV Lightning kit will be

  • motor mounting with cam mesh adjustment and quick removal access
  • transmission mounting with quick removal access
  • billet steering servo mounting
  • adjustable dual battery mounting for ease of CG adjustment, or you can run a single battery and leave the dual battery mounting off.
  • weight is about 50 grams lighter than Lightning w/ monoblock, unless you choose to run a single battery, then it’s about 150 grams lighter (not including the differences in battery weight.)
  • hardened steel driveshafts (dogbones)
  • wheelbase equivalent to a SuperMaxx Thunder/Lightning and a Monoblock ~372mm (differential to differential), 394mm axle to axle on a RacerX w/ setbacks.
  • low CG monocoque design *Designed to work with VBS or Standard Maxx bulkheads. So, it can fit any Maxx.
  • Designed for the Tekin and a 1350 or 1550 on 6s or the tekin/castle 2200 on 4s
  • The HV has been designed with the intent that any buggy/truggy center diff will fit, from straight shafts, to exotic ones like the slipperentials or Torsen diffs. Clearance for up to 35.5mm in length, a 52T 1.0 Module Spur and 11-18T pinion. In other words, there should be plenty of room for a wide variety of transmissions and gearing.
  • Clearance has been added to the Generation 2 kit for monster motors like the 1717 and 1520. It’ll be a tight squeeze, but they should fit fine. Obviously gearing will be limited due to the size of the can on the 1717 (clearance to the transmission drive cup.) There is more than enough power with the 1515 series motors so in my humble opinion the 1717 should be considered only for overpowered basher trucks and is not desireable for a racetrack.
  • Kit will be anodized for non-conductivity.
    To complete a High Voltage Lightning truck you’ll need:

Complete maxx front and rear end. Preferably one that’s been upgraded to 1/8 scale diffs already.
Motor, speed control and standard electronics.
1/8th scale center diff and pinion gear. I plan to have ofna’s 48T 1.0mod Spider diff in stock.
Radio with adjustable endpoints (any modern computer radio.)

Q: How are the batteries mounted? And what sizes will fit?
A: There’s two ways you can mount the batteries. Either two batteries in the saddles on each side, or a single up on it’s back. In the saddles I’m using 155mm x 50.8mm x as tall as you want. Up on the back, you can probably get a battery as long as 160mm, wide and tall as you want. FYI: this ‘up on the back’ is how I run the Lightning truck that has the Tekin in it. Great for bashing with a single 6S 3300 pack from my helicopters. I bash around for about ten / fiften minutes.

Q: Can I use the stock e-maxx or t-maxx transmission?
A: No. The stock T or E transmission is not used.

Q: Will it be 7075 Aluminum?
A: t’s a mix of 6061, 7075 and steel. Note, the first few kits will use a Titanium front driveshaft (while supplies last.)

Q: What about other Unlimited Engineering products so I could build a ‘roller’?
A: All the items needed to build a complete truck will be re-released. This will take some time, but all the components needed to build a complete truck will be built.

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