Clutch Kit, SG, 4 Shoe, Ø34mm

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4 shoe 1/8th scale flywheel & clutch for SuperMaxx EXT Nitro Chassis

Fits most Maxx .21 Applications

Back of flywheel is pocketed, this helps shield the front bearing on the motor

A direct replacement for HPI Savage.

This flywheel is intended for the SM EXT (& other .21 Maxx chassis) owner who wants a better/stronger clutch and is going to go with the Strobe slipper and the 51T spur.

All but one flywheel on the market prior had space issues in this application. Diameter too large and hitting the chassis and pushed the clutch out too far making clearing the trans & lining up the spur very difficult.

You will need

An 1/8th clutch bell – I’m running the 18T on mine

Strobe slipper, bearing, etc

Ofna’s Ultra 51T spur – available in plastic (OFN30110), Delrin and steel.

I’ll get together part numbers & stock over the next few weeks.

I’m working with strobe to put a complete clutch replacement kit together.

It’s also a stock replacement for the Savage. Allowing it to go from the stock 2 shoe to the much better 4 shoe. The Savage has the same space issues as the Maxx has.

Note: these look like Ofna’s 4 shoe flywheel/clutch because I really liked the design, unfortunately it didn’t fit our application. I redesigned it so it would and made prototypes for testing. Then contacted Ofna to give them first shot at production kits for me. They eagerly accepted and I had them produce these for me. They did a great job and these came out exactly as I wanted. As an added bonus these are their standard shoes (4 shoe kit) so if/when you need new springs or shoes you’ll be able to find them at a wide variety of sources.

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