Instructions for the various kits can be found below in PDF. 

We have recently moved to a new booklet format, however have not yet had the time to go back and re-write all the older versions yet. Therefore there may be 2 versions of the instructions here. One that you can download and print in the booklet format, the other is single page format.


Single Page Format/Web View

Booklet Format

EXT Suspension V4.0  
EXT Setup Sheet                V4.0 download only  
RacerX Suspension: V2.0  
RacerX Suspension Setup Sheet (this also contained in the instructions, no need to re-download): V2.0  
WideTrac Suspension: V1.5 V1.5
Shock Towers: V1.2 V1.2
Nitro Chassis: V3.2  
Predator Chassis: V1.6 V1.6
SuperBrace Template for the 2.5 Deck V1.0  
Lightning Chassis: V2.0  
UltraLite Differentials & 7.5-6 Gears: V1.5 V1.5
UltraLite Differentials & 7.5-8 Gears: V1.1 V1.1
UltraLite Differentials for Stock Gears: V1.0 V1.0
Threaded Body SuperShocks:  V3.0 V3.0
Constant Velocity Drive Shafts: V1.4  
8 & 10mm Composite FOC V1.4  
Super6 Steel FOC V2.0 V2.0
Pullstart Kit V1.0  
Servo Saver   V3

Victory Bulkless System (VBS)

High Voltage Lightning (HVL)

SuperTankV – 5 Gallon Tank for HD’s 02-06 VRSCA/B/D/SE/SE2

Meshtastic Supreme Case

Meshtastic-V1.2-OLED Case