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Thread: Supermaxx is timeless...

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    Supermaxx is timeless...

    Drug out a 16 year old first gen T-maxx after recently moving. Was a beast of a RC in its glory days... Money was tight back then, but I scratched up enough to get an early Widetrac kit and a set of super shocks, and some other UE goodies... Kids and work came along and off into storage expensive hobbies went. Until a nice day last week happened and wife suggested I get my old R/C out and let the kiddos drive it.

    The little truck was a mess, but I began the initial teardown to see what was going to be needed. Was a great learning session with my 12yr old daughter who jumped right in as I showed her what made everything go. The old engine was just about gunked up to the point it wouldn't turn over so I started there. The old Ofna filters had disentegrated down into the carb to boot LOL. But some carb cleaner and some old old nitro and I pumped the brown sludge out through the old GT tuned pipe. The gas tank was soaked and cleaned out then I ran a tank manaully through the little motor until she was free'd up enough I decided to give her a test fire. After some vigourous pull start yanking she turned over for the first time... It was like those days after xmas when I first got my truck. She was ALIVE! The smoke and noise were awesome. I even got a cheer out of my little one.

    Running on who knows how old of a can of traxxas top fuel she was a bit finicky, but I gave it a few laps up and down the street and waited till the next day to get some new filters and some new gas. As for all of my UE stuff even my supershocks have withstood the test of time flawlessly. She tracked straight and true, and don't even think the shocks need a rebuild, no fluid loss at all... The next day my 5 year old did her best to destroy her in the new construction area by our house. The widetrac and supershocks soaked it up and took it like a champ. Today I still marvel over the level of engineering and shop work that went into making these tiny little R/C parts. Especially back in those days.

    So big thanks MM for making such an amazing product line. You are da man, and I'm now searching for a roller for my oldest which we will be turning into a Supermaxx as funds permit!

    Oh BTW the local hobby shop about scoffed at me when I asked if they made a gas conversion for the X-maxx. What a great truck, but I am a sucker for nitro... I get the instant gratification everything times we live in now with kids who have tiny attention spans, but teaching youngsters mechanical inclination and how to tune tiny little 2 strokes makes them better people imho! Me thinks a gas conversion for the X-maxx made by MM would be amazing! LOL

    Thanks again and congrats on the new site! Glad to see you're still around along with some of the old timers here.

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    thats awesome

    good to see you Jester

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