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    If you've ever windered what a plastic vbs setup would look like; then check out the new traxxas x-maxx. Totally a vbs in plastic. Looks like traxxas as UE fans aswell.

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    I am very excited about the X-Maxx and have one on order. Every video i watch makes me want one more and more. Plus, i saw Robin posting in the X-Maxx thread on the RCtech forum. Hopefully he gets one and wants to come up with some parts for it. But really, it seems pretty stout in the factory trim.

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    I have seen the ads. Seems like a fun platform. Unfortunately they are powering it with a very similar setup to what powers my 11lb HVL. Now I'll give you that the 1717 powered HVL is a little over the top, but that's the kind of performance 'we' like. No way that system will power a 20lb and feel that good.

    What I want to do is put a 12s Lehner 3080 in it = 20hp. TRX has never been known for getting the driveline right out of the gate, so I have fears for this thing's differentials and driveshafts with that much power. I have this setup in a 40lb 5ive and it's ridiculous fast. 20lbs lighter - yippi!

    Time will tell.
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    Yes it looks cool, and under-powered. It will be interesting to see how durable it is.
    - Eric -

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