We headed to the Nantahala Forest NC/TN border this weekend and had a great outing on the XMR.

we had a blast. Right at the end of the ride out (nearly to the TN border) we found a dog...just out in the middle of nowhere. Seemed exhausted and starved. We loaded him up between us and took him all the way back to the parking lot, 1.5hrs away. He was so good.

Other than that we rode, rode and rode some more. About a full tank of fuel. Beautiful sights. Nice place to ride, not particularly difficult trails unless you wanted to get stupid.

After rolling it last week my confidence wasn't quite as high and we were riding alone so we stayed off the hardest trails, but still rode Rocket Launch and some other black diamond trails.

Tellico road was just one rock after another for many miles.

The lady at the office said she knew the owner (he had a collar.) That he and her husband were hunting bear that day and the dog was a hunting dog. Said he'd be very grateful as the dog clearly got lost and the guy was probably looking for him.

We've got a couple pics of the dog and a little vid. Darn gopro had 2x dead batteries and one that lasted about 30 minutes.

We'll get them up in the next few days, it's 12:30 in the morning and we've been up since 6am, tired.

That's the only problem I see with the gopro, darn batteries are either dying or dead.

Here's some vid, be sure to change your settings to HD