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Thread: Nomadio Sensor Help!

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    Nomadio Sensor Help!

    I know this may be a long shot but maybe someone here might know, i been out of the hobby for about 5 years now, not totally out just not active well today a busted out some of my stuff just to tinker and see if i could get it to run, I charged up some AA and put them in my Sensor, and nothing happened, other than sitting on a shelf nothing has been done to it so anyone have any ideas on what to do next.. I tried a few sets of batts so i know thats not the problem..

    Thank in advance..
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    I don't have one of those radios so tech will not be easy for me. But the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning off the battery contacts in your battery compartment. Maybe they have just a small bit of corrosion or sediment on them from sitting so long and it is not getting good contact from the new batteries.

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    you've either got the batteries in wrong or you've plugged it in backwards.
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