Well we were not having much luck in Prague getting any snow worth getting excited about, and quite frankly the kids have been pretty disapointed. The wife & I had to bring our daughter to London for some medical stuff, and we arrived just before noon today. Wouldn't you know it the prediction is 5 to 10 inches of snow this evening. It is about midnight now and there is already about 3-4 inches of the lovely white fluffy stuff on the ground. London does not handle this kind of weather very well and the place is very quiet with nothing but police, ambulance, and some maintenance vehicles on the streets. We are looking forward to waking up Sunday morning to a beautiful wintery day. We are planning to take our daughter to see "Thriller", which is a musical tribute to Michael and The Jackson Five. For my birthday I think we will either take a trip some place outdside of London, or just have lunch at the original HardRock Cafe', and then go see a show of some kind. Update in the morning guys. Have a great evening.