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Thread: Cheers to you Robin!!!

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    Cheers to you Robin!!!

    Started on my tank install tonight and all I have to say is that Robin, you sure did your homework!!!
    Everything is going smooth.
    As you (Robin) know, I spent enough time emailing you asking questions so it was obvious that I was excited about getting this kit. I've read the online instructions a million times before I even got the kit so I know it pretty good.

    So far I have about 3 hours into it and I'm to the point where all I have to do is clean the inside of the frame up and mount the tank. I think pretty much everything else is done.

    Disassembly - check
    Skid plate install and straigtening of the original plate - check
    Igniton/seat latch relocate - check
    Siren relocate - check
    Fuel pump in new tank - check

    I've dry fitted the tank in and it seems to fit nicely without any troubles but I'm still going to make sure there are no sharp edges.

    Since I have the rear swingarm off, I'm going to take it to get polished. I also have to do a little work on my exhaust so I really won't be done for a day or two but the kit rules.

    I must say, this is a very easy project that ANYONE can do!!
    Very simple and easy to follow instructions!
    Cheers to you Robin!!!

    Thanx again!!!


    I was going to take pictures of the steps of the instal but I really haven't found anything that I feel isn't already shown in the instructions. Maybe I'm lucky cause I haven't had any problems so far (knock on wood).
    Once I'm done, I will post some complet bike photos just for fun.
    If anyone has any problems, feel free to PM me and I'll help in anyway I can and I'll keep posting on the board!!

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    Look at me, thought it was going smooth!

    One quick question:

    When putting in the saddlebag brackets back in, it says to "countersink" the new bolts.
    Now, am I supposed to drill the holes out a bit because it seems to me that with useing the supplies bolts, they still stick out about the same as the stock ones.
    It makes sence to have to have a little more clearance in this area but there is so little metal on the bracket that if I need to countersink these new bolts, it might break.

    I guess I'm just a little confused what is supposed to go on here.


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    yes counter sink the brackets, ie; the holes where the bolts go through the brackets.

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    Countersink the brackets where the bolts go in.
    "That which doesn't kill me, makes me stronger." - Nietzsche

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    Basically done!!

    Basically done, just waiting for my swingarm to get back from polishing.
    This was one of the most painless installs I've ever done, again anybody can do it.
    I might have missed it in the instructions but one thing I did to make my tank slide in easy was to re-route the tank vent tube to the other side of the frame in which it came through. Originally it's comes through the tank side, I re-routed so that it came up over the frame tube on the engine side. Hopefully that makes sence. When you take it apart, it should.
    Here's the finished product: (I hope the pictures show up)
    Thanks again Robin!!!!
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