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    Parts list

    Where is this list of parts that don't work with the kit? Sorry, I'm dumb.

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    Listed on the product page on this site...

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    * Right rear passenger footpeg mount on VRSCD models. We have two solutions.
    o If you are running an aftermarket pipe you can switch to the A, B, SE model footpeg mounts. This will move your passenger's feet down and forward for which your passenger will thank you greatly since it's a much more comfortable location for her feet.
    o A newly designed mount and exhaust hanger for stock bikes is in the works.
    * HD's passenger floorboards. The mounts are weird and are very different from the A, B, SE mounts which the tank was designed for. You could slightly modify the right side mount and repaint it.
    * Kuryakyn™ Passenger Peg Mounts.
    * CFR seat needs it's underside modified more than any of the other seats we've done. The Agora seat is probably in the same category.
    * Reports of the CFR swingarm not fitting were FALSE. The CFR swingarm fits just fine.
    * Turbos & Superchargers that use the space where we put the ignition. There are alternatives like HD's up front key location and the keyless mod (use the alarm to activate the bike.)
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    Harley floor boards

    Has anyone installed the tank with the Harley floor boards? I would like a picture of how close they are to the brackets. I am not against modifying the bracket but what is meant by a little grinding. I am really interested in this tank but I need to keep to boards so my kids shoes do not rub on the pipes.

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