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    what engine

    hey guys. been out of R/C for about 5 or 6 months now and want to get back in. right before i stopped i got an XB8. got it used on here and havent ran it yet; but anyways, i need an engine. whats a good engine? i was thinking the WS7III when i first got the XB8. has anything newer and better come out? i'll probably be mainly bashing cause i dont think i am around a track anymore. but i hope to get to a track sometime. so what do you guys think? i'll have about $300 or so. thanks!!!

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    V-Spec $300 less $20 off coupon
    P5X $274.99
    OS RG $136.99

    There's a ton of choices out there, these are just a couple ranging from fast to easy on the pocket.

    SRS in Scottsdale is supposedly revamping their track to accomodate 1/8 scales next month so there should be a track near you soon.

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