Production VBS are shipping now.

Production VBS are shipping now.

All new Unlimited Engineering website goes online!!

All new Unlimited Engineering website goes online!!

Yes folks, after what seems like years (and is) we are finally live with the new site.

Yes, we know it’s not perfect. But if you’ll report bugs either here or via email ( we’ll fix them as quickly as we can.

Https (SSL) should be site wide now for a safer environment.

Automatic forum registration should be back running w/ reCAPTCHA to keep the bots out.

Some things we lost
The Activity Center in the forum. That little custom script will need to be re-written for the latest version. I don’t know how many of you used it, but I really liked it.
Order history. This will come back soon, but the new store is a mishmash of about 6 different tables doing the job of what 2 used to do, so it may take a bit before we can import them. I know, I want them too.
All the bot users in the forum. Purged. Things should run faster.
Flat rate shipping. I was losing my hide on freight so now we are getting live quotes from UPS. What it costs is what you pay.

Things still on my hotlist
A physical inventory.
More pictures for the store items.
More engineering 
New skin for the forum and gallery
A little better flow from the store menu structure. It’s close, but things don’t always flow the way they should. It’ll be improved soon.

Let me know if you have problems and we’ll fix them as quick as possible.

Christmas Celebration

I’ve thrown a couple of the popular items into a special, hope this fits your needs.
Also for those last minute shoppers (yes, I include myself in this list) the safe deadline to get items under the tree via our standard shipping is Friday the 19th. In theory you should be safe by Monday, but with the holiday rush, Monday may be risky. For those very last minute shoppers (me too) you can get your item overnight by adding this item to your cart. I’ll do my very best to get it out in time to be under the tree.
Happy Holidays from all of us here at Unlimited Engineering.

Launch of Generation III of the Unlimited Engineering website.

True Merchant account and credit card processing. We have a shopping cart! Secure Socket Layer Servers w/ 128 bit encryption for the highest level of security possible. On-line order tracking will come on-line in the next few weeks
Many thanks to Desktop Connection for all their assistance.

RC Madness event in Ct.

It was a mad scramble to build trucks. Monday dawned with not one screw in one truck, plan was to leave Wed night (ended up being Thurs night for a Fri PM arrival.)

I intended to run 5 trucks. #5 never got quite finished. #4 (the smallblock) got finished and run for the first time for a minute or so in the last qual Saturday. We did a little practice with it that night, seemed to run good. It was entered in the Sun AM qual and got 2nd qualifier just barely behind Greg. Special thanks to Dace & crew & the guys over at Crispy Critter for motors and parts.

In the small block A main it was passing lapped traffic before it’s first fuel stop. Walking away from the crowd for what looked like an easy win. Unfortunately an unsecured pipe was sticking out in the track right at the max speed point in the backstretch, it reached out and grabbed the rear wheel and literally removed half the rear suspension. That’s racing. We ran it back to the pits and began repairs. I was able to do a band aid repair in ~8 minutes and get it back on the track where Rob (the driver) let it all hang out for the rest of the 30 minute main. He came back from 9th place to finish 4th. Way to go Rob. Stop blaming yourself for the crash, you did a great job.

The other 3 big block trucks qualified for the A-main as well, w/ one of them TQ. Bubber Jones driving DeereRazor came out from his cave (where he’s not driven for 8 months) and looked good running the truck, he qualified for the A and was running well, sadly blown clutch bearings took him out of the running a few minutes before the end. Rob had his hands full with the .15 Razorback and some fierce competition, he pulled off 3rd place. Way to go Rob. Greg made driving the C5 look easy and really laid it down. Once he had lapped the field he started goofing and showing off for the crowd. Repeated triple jumps at the egging of the announcer – not all of them successful. He certainly gave it the abuse test, and it took it and came back for more easily winning the big block A-main. Very nice driving Greg.

We had fun. Big thanks to RC Madness & RCCA.

Proline Nitro Maxx Challenge

Back today from the Proline Nitro Maxx Challenge. Our .15 prototype truck was so fast in the .15 class they booted it to Outlaw where it was Top Qualifier. Even though built for .15 (stock TRX diffs & plastic sliders) driver Billy Fisher achieved 2nd place with it, beaten only by world class driver Chris Moore. Well done Billy!

The C5 powered truck was super fast and Ryan Mayfield drove excellently, though for some reason it drank it’s whole tank in just over 4 minutes, two flame outs prevented Ryan from placing as well as he deserved. Great effort Ryan – way to give it the driveline durability test for the last 1/2 of the race.

Many thanks to all those who helped out.

MaxxTraxx Texas Thunder

We will be attending the MaxxTraxx Texas Thunder event from Thursday April 11th to the following Thursday and will be closed during that time