Hot off the CNC, a MONOBLOCK!

Yes, I know it’s taken forever to produce, but progress has been made. Today I got the 1st piece completed. The fit is perfect. We didn’t have the right polishing media to put our bright polish on, so that’s why this one has a matt finish. Full batch is due to be complete in about 30 days.

Production VBS are shipping now.

Production VBS are shipping now.

Production of the V-Rod 5 gallon tank kits is done and they are shipping!

Production of the V-Rod 5 gallon tank kits is done and they are shipping!

Today is the day all you SuperMaxx lovers. The book is open on the VBS and we are opening up pre-orders on Generation 5 VBS, Generation 2 Ultralites and the ever popular bulletproof Spyder 8 differentials

First up, the Generation 5 SuperMaxx Victory Bulkless System Pro Kit (VBS) w/ Ti Skids.

And during pre-order, we are not only offering a significant discount from MSRP, but will be including a FREE set of the Spyder 8 gearsets. That’s right, you get a huge discount on the VBS and a free set of gears to go with it.  Everything you need to setup your truck (except fluids.)

Spare parts for Gen 4/5 VBS:

Gen 4/5 VBS Front Skid – Titanium:

Gen 4/5 VBS Rear Skid – Titanium:

Gen 4/5 VBS Front Jounce – Titanium:

Gen 4/5 VBS Rear Jounce – Titanium:

Next is the: Gen 2 SuperMaxx UltraLite 7.5 Differential Kit/ 8 Spyder:

Gen 2 UltraLite 7.5 Housing:

The 8 Spyder gears set themselves:

Differential Gear Kit/ 2x 7.5-6 Sypder & Setup for VBS and Ultralite:

Also have spare drive cups and rebuild kits for the spiders.

Ø8mm Drive cups:

7.5 Drive cup w/ shaft:

Rebuild kit:

And while we are at it, we’ll put the VBS High Voltage Lightning on sale too:

High Voltage Lightning (HVL) – VBS Edition:

Plus the skidplates that are pre-cut for the HVL:

Gen 4/5 VBS Front Skid, precut for HVL – Titanium:

Gen 4/5 VBS Rear Skid, Pre-Cut for HVL – Titanium:

As to the order process.  When you place the order we get an Authorization.  That will be settled pretty quickly and your card will be charged.  Your money will go into a special savings account – call it an escrow account.  Shipping should be sometime Late October/ Early November.

For those of you international, place your order w/out the credit card option.  I’ll get an accurate shipping quote for you via email and you’ll be able to pay by Western Union, Money Orders or Wire.

Please report any problems you are having to or tell me here and I’ll fix them asap.

All new Unlimited Engineering website goes online!!

All new Unlimited Engineering website goes online!!

Yes folks, after what seems like years (and is) we are finally live with the new site.

Yes, we know it’s not perfect. But if you’ll report bugs either here or via email ( we’ll fix them as quickly as we can.

Https (SSL) should be site wide now for a safer environment.

Automatic forum registration should be back running w/ reCAPTCHA to keep the bots out.

Some things we lost
The Activity Center in the forum. That little custom script will need to be re-written for the latest version. I don’t know how many of you used it, but I really liked it.
Order history. This will come back soon, but the new store is a mishmash of about 6 different tables doing the job of what 2 used to do, so it may take a bit before we can import them. I know, I want them too.
All the bot users in the forum. Purged. Things should run faster.
Flat rate shipping. I was losing my hide on freight so now we are getting live quotes from UPS. What it costs is what you pay.

Things still on my hotlist
A physical inventory.
More pictures for the store items.
More engineering 
New skin for the forum and gallery
A little better flow from the store menu structure. It’s close, but things don’t always flow the way they should. It’ll be improved soon.

Let me know if you have problems and we’ll fix them as quick as possible.