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An 8S 1717 powered full SuperMaxx

Built for a customer, this SuperMaxx has incredible power, yet is very controlable.  It is all top tier parts and tuned to perfection.

SuperMaxx One

This is where it all began with the very first Big Block SuperMaxx.  Shown here is a Thunder Chassis, Victory Bulkless System, RacerX Suspension, and all the trimmings.

We originate new ideas and transform them into superior products. Our personnel have years of experience and combine it with true inspiration to create original designs. You won’t find any plastic copies here.

Our kits have been through extensive computer and real world testing. We use only the very latest in “CAD/CAM” (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing), such as solid modeling, finite element analysis (stress), dynamics (motion), and software for programming the CNC machines. Then we strap it to a fire breathing prototype .28 powered Maxx and 8S Brushless trucks, then launch it into orbit, slam it into walls and pound it into the ground.

We select the very finest specialists and craftsman to manufacture the highest quality products available using the very best materials available for the application. Many of these individuals are straight out of the aerospace industry and are used to producing parts to aerospace standards.

Our products are becoming world renowned for being the highest quality RC parts available.