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  SuperMaxx™ Hardened Steel Idler Gear For The E-Maxx Transmission:
SuperMaxx Hardened Steel Idler Gear
We've found the Traxxas E-Maxx Transmission to be a robust transmission, but the idler gears (TRX# 3996) are the weak link. Most of you with high runtime have also found that even with a stock setup these gears will eventually die. In the process of developing the SuperE-Chassis we tested higher cell counts and found these to be the weak link. My Doolie Brushless (ModelTech Twin brushless motors and 8 cell Ballastic Battery packs) was able to blow a set of idlers in under a single battery charge.

We knew something had to be done.

Enter the SuperMaxx™ Hardened Steel Idler gears for the E-Maxx Transmission. Developed with strength and long life in mind, these hardened steel precision ground gears are light in weight but nearly indestructible. We even cross drilled them to reduce rotational mass.

Towards the end of testing I decided it was time to break them. I held the Doolie 4' off the pavement, clamped full throttle, let it wind out, and dropped it.

4 wheel burnouts and took off like a rocket. On the 4th drop it snapped the spyder gear shafts. I think the trans is strong enough now.

They are a direct replacement. No modifications need to be made to your transmission. Simply follow the Traxxas exploded diagram replacing your stock plastic gears with these and you will be fine. We do recommend using a good quality grease (not included). Traxxas runs the Transmission dry and this is not reccomonded. This transmission is operating in a speed range that necessitates lubrication.

Here's a link to the Traxxas page showing the exploded diagram of the transmission for reference.

These are available individually but I recommend they be installed in pairs. List price is $38 a pair with 'free' domestic shipping.

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UE-GE7 SuperMaxx Hardened Steel Idler Gear For The E-Maxx Transmission  
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