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Catagory: Engine Manufacturer: OS

Description: OS Engine .21 pullstart


RB Concept C5 Buggy


The Power of Champions has created the new RB Concept C5 for off-road use is the results of many tests and research made. This new engine based on the C5 on-road version will use the the same qualities already know and proven to be successful for high competition racing.
For this new Buggy engine we are using the C5 crankcase with a new improved porting already proven to be very efficient in the on-road racing scene. We also improved the crankshaft and its timing and continue to use our famous M.E.S.(Multi Exhaust System) which also has been improved to obtain even more power than before...
Moreover this RB Concept C5 buggy engine features a Nylon carburetor which with an 8mm restrictor and a very nice inscription on the big and large cooling-head diameter 60mm and 10 cooling ribs.

Technical Specifications

Type: Rear Exhaust


Bore: 16.22mm
Stroke: 16.80mm
Porting intake: 5
Porting by-pass : 2
Porting exhaust : 3 M.E.S.(Multi Exhaust System)
Crankshaft: 14mm "Bi-Turbo Buggy" balanced.
Carburetor: Nylon 8mm Venturi
Glowplug: 1055-6 "Normal"
Weight: 365Gr.
Pullstarter: No

Crankcase: This "C5" crankcase has been developed and designed by Rody Roem. Light, rigid and strong to get the most optimal performances, the conception of this new crankcase has been based on these criteria. The molding of the crankcase is realized with a vacuum system to avoid air cavity's during the molding process. A new improved material is being used in the C5 crankcases to obtain more stability of the aluminum. The internal porting of this new C5 crankcase have been improved and optimized to guide even better the gasflow. Included you will find the o-ring system for the carburetor to stop the o-ring from being damaged when disassembling and assembling the carburetor from the crankcase.

Porting: The new improved porting allows us to optimize even more the gasflow in combination with the 5 intake ports of our sleeve.
You can also notice the porting of our M.E.S. proven to be innovating in the model car racing scene, since adapted by most of our competitors now.
Despite the impressive and massive horsepower available in our RB Concept C5 the fuelconsumption is more than acceptable!
Piston/Liner: The new piston/Liner is of the type ABC chromed and rectified, the piston fits with precision in the sleeve to get the best performances and a longer life! The sleeve features 5 intake ports + 2 by-pass ports and new improved 3 Exhaust ports called M.E.S.(Multi Exhaust System), this sleeve is specially adapted on the porting of the C5 using the last technologies available.
Conrod: The Conrod is manufactured from high quality, ultra sound checked aluminum, it has got 2 special bushings inserted and expanded with the latest technology available. The aerodynamic designed shape is developed to obtain less obstruction in the internal gasflow and a special groove is made for better lubrification performance and reliability.
Crankshaft: Result after a long experience and generations of long stroke high competition racing RB Concept engines, the crankshaft "Bi-Turbo" of the RB Concept C5 is one of its secrets getting available a usable powerrange and balance.

Bearings: The front-bearing of this C5 has got a rubber shield to prevent dust or water to come into the engine and deteriorating the bearing itself.
The 14mm rear-bearing is of very high quality and has its line of balls placed more close to the conrod to get a better stability of the crankshaft.
Cooling-head: The cooling-head of the RB Concept C5 "Buggy" is as we say HUGE : with its 10 ribs and diameter of 60mm, you can be assured of the best possible cooling.
Carburetor: This new improved "NYLON" carburetor is mainly made out of Nylon to prevent overheating of the fuel coming into the engine(vaporlock) when it is very hot. The base of the carburetor has a new steel insert which goes through till the top of the housing, so strength and stability is assured.
This carburetor is supplied with an 8mm venturie and can receive the following venturis of 6,7 or 9mm depending the power you need and fuelconsumption you want to obtain if this is needed.
Glowplug: The "NORMAL" glowplug RB Concept, specially adapted for off-road use, uses the same wire as the "Turbo" glowplugs used in high competition and recognized to be strong and reliable.
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