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SKU: NOM-111

Catagory: Electronics Manufacturer: NOM

Description: Nomadio React Radio Only Kit
Fits : Works with Everything!




For questions and answers regarding Nomadio products please visit our forums

Nomadio introduces the next generation of R/C controller - The React.

One hundred percent digital two-way communication utilizing frequency hopping digital spread spectrum (FHDSS) technology.
The fastest reacting R/C radio there is, Period.

For the first time, R/C enthusiasts will be able to choose a high end radio with unmatched pure digital speed at a fraction of the cost of other brands' mid-priced radios. React transmits at 100Hz which makes it the fastest reacting R/C radio made. Furthermore, Nomadio standard 100mW RF output in FHDSS conforms to world wide ISM radio regulations.

Like the Sensor by Nomadio, the React can transmit telemetry back from the car as it is driven. The React system supports "feelers" that give the driver real time feedback of the car's speed, battery voltage, and engine temperature. Unique to the RC market, the React radio system is software based; its capabilities may be altered / upgraded when it is connected to a personal computer and the Internet via the built in USB port.

Most R/C radios operate on 30 channels in the 75 MHz band. Other 2.4GHz radios are limited to fewer than 40 channels. The React system combines error-resistant spread spectrum and frequency hopping technologies, providing each radio with a unique, secure virtual channel allowing hundreds of simultaneous users.

Nomadio CEO Alex Gizis says, "The React targets both the top end racer and the back yard basher. React touts glitch-less performance of the 2.4 GHz band, unmatched speed and program flexibility not offered in other radios. The React is a top end full featured R/C controller with a mid line radio price."



  • Radio Type: digital spread spectrum 2.4 GHz
  • Radio Mode: frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHDSS) and direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS)
  • Game Mode: Though the USB cable to PC seen as game controller / joystick
  • Range: 1000ft.
  • Power Output: 100mW FHDSS / 10mW DSSS
  • Frame Rate: 100 frames per second FHDSS / 50 frames in DSSS
  • Total Latency: 5 millisecond max, 2ms typical
  • Weight (w/Batteries): approximately 18 oz.
  • Servo Channels: 4
  • Four cell re-chargeable battery
  • Model Memory: 40 named
  • Controller Battery: Voltage Monitor: graphic and real-time
  • Receiver Battery: Voltage Monitor: graphic and real-time
  • Timers: Operation and lap timers
  • Trims: Adjustable trims and sub-trims
  • Controls: Dual rate, endpoints, exponential, advanced brake mixing and servo speed adjust on all channels
  • Anti-Lock: Brake anti-lock with adjustable trigger, cycle, delay, depth, and steering trigger
  • Idle Up: yes
  • Tactile Alarm: programmable vibrator
  • Display: Graphic LCD
  • Resolution: 128 x 96 pixels
  • Auto Modes: auto display and display only
  • Presets: Failsafe and auto start
  • Telemetry: Real time speed, temperature, and battery supported (sensors purchased separately)
  • Servos Supported: Any combination of analog and digital
  • PC Connectivity: USB serial for charging, customization, analysis and updates
  • Antenna: Built in
  • Architecture: software upgradeable

The NOM-110 comes with Radio, Transceiver, 600mah battery and a USB cable.

The NOM-111 comes with Radio, 600mah battery and a USB cable.


The React radio does not come with Temperature, Speed or pack voltage sensors and need to be purchased seperatly

For questions and answers regarding Nomadio products please visit our forums



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