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SKU: 13549

Catagory: Differential Manufacturer: UE

Description: UltraLite Diff kit for Stock TRX Gears
Fits : Traxxas T&E-Maxx


UltraLite Housings for Stock Traxxas Gears

7.5 Differential Kit includes:

SuperMaxx UltraLite 7.5 Gear Case (~35 grams)
Rubber shield bearings
Setup kit
● Detailed set-up instructions

and everything else you need to set up a complete truck



Housings are made from top quality 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum.

Finish is natural and Polished to a high luster

Installation requires grease  and blue loctite

Helicoils in the mounting holes - these are

   hardened steel threads which will never strip

● Allows proper Ring gear orientation for

  both T & E Maxx 

The Maxx differential has evolved to the point where even the stock Traxxas gears are quite decent, but they still suffer from case flex. The case halves separate the pinion jumps a tooth, rapid death follows. The Traxxas ones will eventually grind themselves down, one of the aftermarket ones will actually shatter the pinion.

Enter the aluminum housing. These aluminum housings are rigid enough to withstand the forces that the pinion subjects them to. Unfortunately the pinion bearings are still severely overloaded and cannot withstand the pressure from today's high horsepower engines.

This is one of the reasons we designed the 7.5 system for the Maxx.

However some of you are either unable or unwilling to make the investment.

Enter this kit which allows you to run your stock gears in the 7.5 housings. Part of what makes the 7.5s so great is the bearings. They are up to the task of taking the loads delivered.

 The beauty of this is that you can buy the case now, use it with your stock gears (or Kippsters), and later if you decide to go with the 7.5 gear sets you can use the SAME ULTRALITE HOUSING!

 Now remember these cases only weight 10 grams more than the stock plastic cases (hence the name UltraLite) so they shouldn’t have a negative impact on you LiteRace guys.

 The bearings are heavier than stock and I’ve got a Kippster (7g more than stock) in it, bringing the total difference between pure stock out of the box (unknown grease) and UltraLites w/ the huge bearings and Kippster Kupps to being 25 grams heavier than stock. I have several other complete aluminum diff sets (w/ Traxxas gears) around here, the lightest one was 15 grams heavier than the UltraLite, the heaviest was 40 grams heavier AND none could ever be used to house the 7.5 gears.

These bearings have more than double the load carrying capacity of the stockers. We'll be using the rubber seal version as well for long life. 

We are finishing up packaging & instructions now and should be ready to ship by the end of the month.

Special Offer: those orders taken directly on this site will receive a FREE Kippster Kupp & Pin. You will need to modify your ring gear to use this by enlarging the ring gear holes to 3mm. This offer is time and availability limited and may expire without notice. 

List Price: $70.00 In Stock Quantity:

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