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SKU: 13473

Catagory: Transmission Manufacturer: UE

Description: Super4, Forward Only Conversion Kit
Fits : Traxxas T-Maxx


Three years ago Unlimited Engineering pioneered the forward only conversions and brought you the 8mm & 10mm composite FOCs. They became world renowned for strength & performance. An unbeatable combination that no one could break.

Over the last three years we've steadily increased the amount of horsepower we can install in the Maxx, far beyond anyone's imagination 3 years ago. Along with this we've improved the strength of the driveline with stronger differentials and driveshafts to withstand this increase in horsepower. Then we've greatly improved the power delivery with much stronger clutches. And during all this time the UE FOC's took everything anyone could throw at them.

In December of '02 I realized it was time to begin work on a new solution for the FOC market.

Enter the UE13471 Super6 FOC, once again becoming the industry standard for superior strength and high performance applications. The kit is optimized for the high horsepower truck. It was designed with the 7.5 differential gears & 1/8th clutches in mind. It's light weight will keep the impact on acceleration to a minimum. High strength should take anything we can throw at it. Extremely high horsepower is no problem.

The design of the Super6 abandoned compatibility with stock driveshafts due to elimination of the cross hole for strength reasons.

A promise was made to bring a similar FOC to market for the small blockers or those who had to maintain compatibility with stock driveshafts.

Small Block users, your ultimate FOC has arrived

Here today is the 13473 Super4 FOC.

  • Installing the Super4 in your stock maxx will lighten it by more than 130grams! 25% lighter than the Super6
  • Cross holes in the output shaft for compatability with stock driveshafts.
  • The Super4 maintains the stock gear ratio.
  • Optimized for small blocks, though strong enough for entry & mid level big blocks too.

Lubricants: Lubricant is not supplied and is needed for this kit. The best source we have found for this is your local autoparts store. Look for a tube of premium moly grease. This will cost $3-$5 and last a long time. There's a number of 'miracle lubes' on the market. We've tested several and found no difference - they don't appear to harm anything either. Use them if you choose.

Pre-orders now accepted, estimated shipping date between 4-16-04 & 4-23-04

Q: With the Forward Only Conversion do you retain the use of the two speed
A: Yes, the 2 speed is fully functional

Q: Other than the SuperMaxx Foreward Only Conversion, what other parts are needed to make up the tranny kit?
A: Taken from TRX's web site:
     4992 - Drive gear, two-speed (17/22-teeth), slipper shaft
     4984 - Spur gear, 43-T (1st speed)
     4985 - Spur gear assembly, 38-T (2nd speed)
     4986 - Gear hub assembly, 1st, one-way bearing, snap ring
     4987 - Rings, snap (14mm) (2)
     4889 - Ball bearing (1)(10x19x5mm)
     4988 - Drive hub assembly, clutch, 6x8.5x0.5mm teflon washer (1)
     4897 - Grub screws, 4mm (6) (threadlocked)
     4472 - Spur gear (72-tooth) (32-pitch)
     4685 - Friction pegs, slipper (12)
     4622 - Pressure rings, slipper (notched) (2)
     4625 - Pressure plate, slipper (2)
     1994 - Slipper tension spring, spur gear bushing & locknut
     4967 - Brake cam (blue), cam lever, 3mm grub screw
     4966 - Brake adapter, hex aluminum (blue)
     4964 - Brake disc
     4965 - Brake pads (2), brake piston, 3x15mm cap hex screws (2)
     4612 - 5x11x4 Bearings (6 Total - three sets of 2)

Q: I have a UE FOC now and would like to upgrade, is an upgrade path available?
A: Yes, the Unlimited Engineering Trade-Up Program (UETUP) applies

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