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SKU: 13408

Catagory: Transmission Manufacturer: UE

Description: SuperMaxx Nitro Input Gear Kit
Fits : Traxxas T-Maxx


SuperMaxx Nitro Trans Input Gear.

 With all the horsepower we have today (RB’s) and the 1/8th scale clutches we’ve exceeded the capability of the input gear (TRX4992.) 

Always looking out for you folks we’ve gone ahead and designed a replacement.

 This is based on the same theory we proved with the E-Maxx trans where we replaced the small plastic idler with a stronger version. When we did this to the E, it pretty much bomb proofed a trans that was fairly prone to failure. This was so successful I used my Dualie BL-E with this to do destructive testing of the 7.5 differentials. Even with repeated efforts neither failed.

 So we applied the same theory to the Maxx input gear. This one was quite a bit more difficult with the machining difficulties of a double gear – but we succeeded.

We made several from steel and from aluminum. It’s true there are known problems when running an aluminum gear against another aluminum gear, but that’s not the case here. Here we run it against a plastic gear, still while tooled up we made some steel ones too. I was really hoping the aluminum would hold up because of the mass of the steel version and cost of manufacture. I wasn’t concerned with the aluminum gears themselves, more the attachment method.

 So we started testing with the Aluminum ones. We’ve wailed on them, ripped on it, pushing with tweaked out S7s and C5s. Not a single failure. The Aluminum held up just fine and is what we’ll run in production.

Broken gears like this are a thing of the past.

Knowing what heavy gears do to your acceleration from past experience with steel spur gears we really tried to avoid large increases in rotational mass. Since the aluminum version proved to be strong enough, we chose not to do the steel version due mainly to the large increase in rotational inertial. The stock plastic gear is 6 grams, our Aluminum one is 10 grams and the Steel proto was 28 grams. Clearly the steel one would have hampered performance.

We key first gear to the shaft with a hardened steel dowel pin, then it's held in place with our unique design where 2nd gear holds the pin in place with no additional hardware being necessary.

You will need the stock shaft from the Traxxas 4992.


1. Remove the stock plastic gear and stock roll pin.
2. Inspect shaft carefully for burrs around the hole, file smooth as necessary.
3. Slide the small gear onto the shaft with the threaded end towards the shaft hex and the gear face towards the e-clip.
Note: if it won't slide over the hole, remove the e-clip and slide it on the other way. We left a little extra room right over the hole area and kept the rest of it tight.
4. Install the M2x8 dowel pin. Use care, don't force it or bugger up the threads. Slip fit to light press is OK.
5. Thread 2nd gear onto 1st. If it stops before it butts up against 1st gear remove it and center the pin better.
6. Remove 2nd gear, apply a dot of blue loctite to the thread and reinstall.


Free fix for 2nd Gear's Pins that can walk out under high horsepower applications


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