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SKU: 12150

Catagory: Kit, Truck Manufacturer: UE

Description: Super5ive Ultralite Drivetrain - Pro Kit
Fits : Super5ive


Today I'm pleased to announce our new Super5ive Ultralite Drivetrain.

We combined Aerospace materials and coatings to drop the weight of these components by 1/3! This will not only have a large benefit to the overall weight of the truck, but will make a huge difference in rotational inertia - translation = significantly better acceleration.

This spaceage material is not only much lighter than the steel components they replace but it's also 3 times stronger.

We then added an Aerospace coating which is extremely resistant to wear and has high lubricity properties making it ideal for CVs, Gears and even hingepins. It's also highly corrosion resistant so nothing should damage these.

The material has very high elastic properties too, so CVs will absorb shock loads.

I made 25 trucks worth of them and we will Beta test 20 trucks worth, keeping 5 for spares.

I do not know if this will work. I obviously think it will or I wouldn't have gone down this path, but there's no replacement for actual testing...which is next.

For example, I'll be pleasantly surprised if the front trans output cup holds up to that extreme angle it's at. But even if that one part doesn't work, they should hold up very well elsewhere.

I will load my 12s powered Losi 5ive with a set of these and hammer on it.

I will also offer them up for sale with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. If you don't like them for any reason you can return them for your money back. I have hopes that this will encourage people to not only give these items a shot, but get out and run the snot out of them and see how they hold up.

I need about a week or two to do the rework, get my truck assembled, make sure it all fits and then fling them out to a beta group for abuse testing.

I did some figuring on pricing today and weighed the parts.

All total all these parts weigh just a shade over 1lb. Your stock parts weigh 3lbs. That's a 2lb savings!! Most of that is rotational inertia too so there's a huge translation to acceleration there.

The final pricing came out a little higher than I'd hoped, but I've checked and it's not out of line with other parts on the market so at least we didn't blow the bank on it.
List Price: $954.00 Sale Price: $650
That's 31% off! YOU SAVED $304.00
In Stock Quantity:

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