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SKU: 10120

Catagory: Suspension Manufacturer: UE

Description: RacerX SuperShock Kit (4 pack)
Fits : Traxxas T&E-Maxx


RacerX SuperShock Kit (UE10120):

4x Threaded body Teflon coated bodies

4x Shock Caps

4x Threaded Rings
4x Titanium Nitride coated hardened steel 3.5mm shafts
● Teflon Pistons

Heavy Duty rod ends

● 4x Rubber booties
● 2x White Dual Rate Springs (lightest)

● 2x Red Dual Rate Springs

● 2x Blue Dual Rate Springs

● 2x Black Dual Rate Springs (heaviest)

4x SuperMaxx 6mm Aluminum Standoffs

and everything else you need to set up a complete truck

Full complement of hardware for use in either 4 or 8 shock trucks

Detailed Instructions.



Designed for SuperMaxx Suspensions

● Shock Oil not included. Recommended:

  ● 4 shock trucks: 60-70wt oil

  ● 8 shock trucks: 35-45wt oil

We also recommend using Associated Green Slime for seal assembly.

● Assembly required

Replacement parts are available at a wide variety of sources.

Use 2x kits for 8 shock trucks.


In the beginning there was the Traxxas stock shock, then came the Associated T-Maxx shock set. From there we went to RPM dual stage pistons, Progressive piggybacks and hardcoated shafts. 

A new beast enters the arena. 

The Ofna Threaded body SuperShock. I convinced them to import a few for me to test after seeing them at the Chicago Hobby show in '01. I received them and had to make some special standoffs since the upper mount is 6mm instead of the Traxxas standard of 5mm.

They are impressive to say the least. It's now a year and a half later and they have proven themselves to be the best shock for this application.

I'm running only 1 shock per corner. My Racetruck weighs in just over 10lbs RTR.
I personally pounded the tar out of these (see those flipping vids) and they took it. Watching the vid I think I'll need to increase the oil weight just a tad for the big jumps (you can see the rear bounce a bit), but you can see the truck landing w/ no rebound from the medium ones. I'm running 50wt in the front and 45 in the rear with Trinity Black springs, ~1/4" of preload in he front and 3/8" in the back.

Rubber booties keep the dirt off your shafts and away from the seals, also making clean-up a lot easier.

These shocks are quite a bit longer than the std Maxx shock. When using a SM suspension, even at the extremes of mounting holes (Tower #5, Arm #4) you'll be using every bit of travel it's capable of. The SuperMaxx KnuckleHead towers have an additional row of mounting holes above the original EXT & WideTrac towers providing more room for adjustment.

Limit straps are also in the works - these will prevent over-extension the suspension in a tumbling type crash (end over end.)

Earlier SM EXT Suspensions may need a little dremeling in the lower arm to clear the oversize rod end on the shock.

Made to work with SuperMaxx Suspensions. May work with others, though they may be too long. Most users find that when by using the SuperMaxx KnuckleHead Shock Towers there is enough adjustability to make this work in most applications.

6-20-03 New Shock Kit: The RacerX SuperShock Kit. Included in the kit is 4 shocks and a full set of the new dual rate springs. We've also padded the quantities so not only are you guaranteed to have enough parts to complete the kit but several extra items as well. Perfect for those of you who run 4 shock trucks, 8 shock trucks as well (use 2x kits.) We've discontinued the SHK-4a & SHK-8a kits in favor of this new kit. Parts are in stock, I'll have the instructions re-worked and the kits packaged sometime next week (end of June '03.)

6-12-03 NEW Dual Rate springs: We've made four new dual rate springs for the SuperShocks. Dual rate springs are soft for their initial half the travel then stiffen up for the second half providing the best of both worlds. These are available in 4 different spring rates. We've powder coated them in 4 different colors for easy identification.

From what we've seen so far running them on our racetrucks the blue one works best in the rear and the red in the front. On our 8 shock heavyweight Brushless E-Maxx we use 4 white in the front and 4 reds in the rear. Heavier (than our racetrucks) 4 shock trucks will find that the blacks in the rear and blues up front will work well. Your use may vary, though these 4 different spring rates should cover all your needs.

We've made this kit to include 8 springs: 2 whites, 2 reds, 2 blues, and 2 blacks. In stock and available now.

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