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  SuperMaxx Prototype Race Truck

Rrrrrr, I really wasn’t ready to discuss this….

OK, enough rumor and speculation. I'll put an end to some of it any way.


The prototype’s code name is "Rody Racetruck" or just “Rody” for the man's engine that inspired it. It’ll be renamed in production. I’m leaning towards “SuperMaxx RacerX”.


This 1/8th scale race truck is designed for high speed over rough terrain – RACING in the ROUGH! 

The goal being to make the fastest thing that ever navigated a high-flying, rough-riding monster truck track, yet when brought out to race your bug buddies on a bug track, they will find a new contender for 'fastest on the track.'


Testing so far shows we're very close to achieving all the goals. We've still got a ways to go, but are zeroing in on a first generation production spec. Handling is surperb! Flys like it's got wings and accelerates like a bat outta…well, you get the idea.


Some features:

  • Pan chassis 

  • Low CG 

  • Bump start compatible

  • Will accept any big block or small block engine

  • Sealed radio/battery box

  • 1/8th scale diffs.

  • 1/8th scale shocks

  • 1/8th scale 3 shoe clutch

  • Metal driveline

  • Stone pickup tank w/ baffles

  • Obviously it’ll be sporting a variant of our new RacerX suspension.


It will be a kit.

Sorry ‘bout that RTR guys.


In addition to the camber, toe and ride height adjustments all Maxx type suspensions have, 

The Rody will also feature advanced:

  • Rake & Trail

  • Anti-Squat

  • Anti-dive

  • Caster

  • Roll center and camber rise.

  • On & off throttle steering response


Chassis strength is extremely high with our unique Double A design. The component tray is just that and is not responsible for chassis strength – which is why it looks light.


Weight projections look to be one and a half pounds lighter than my current racetruck, SM1, which is RTR @10lbs w/ SMRW & bowties. We are looking to hit the 8.5lb mark with the production truck - that’s the goal anyway.


The one I'm driving is nearly entirely prototype.


While it does use some bits from the current SM line most of the truck is brand new. In it’s current form the only production item on it is the Servo Saver and a couple Ofna pieces. Though in the proto, I’ve cobbled a few bits out of Maxx parts.


Some of this technology will port over to the Maxx side and our intention is to do so as time permits. Some bits will be ported out for the Maxx prior to Rody’s release.


Will there be a conversion kit to make your Maxx into a Rody? Hmmmm....Could beeeee…


That’s all I’m prepared to say for now folks. Thanks for your time. We'll announce details when they are ready to be announced. 


Sorry in advance if this irritates some of you, but we will not be revealing more details, dates or prices than we have here. Really we are only answering some of the miss information flying about.


Dealer inquires welcome
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