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  • 2-22-15
  • Today we open up the Beta Group on the Super5ive Ultralite drivetrain Pro kit.    Link for more information.
  • 2-1-15
  • 17mm Hexes for UE's CVDS are available NOW Go HERE for the 8mm version, and HERE for the 6mm.
  • 10-1-14
  • Introducing Unlimited Engineering's SuperArmor for the Ford SuperDuty.  Innovation, Strength and good looks for your 2011+ Ford SuperDuty. Here in our webstore
  • 4-21-13 The all new High Voltage Lightning goes on Pre-Order today.  Details are in the forums HERE.
  • 5-27-09 RacerX SetBack Arms  Gain more wheelbase for your RacerX suspension with these.
  • 3-23-09 High Impact Arms Available   The next generation of suspension arm is now ready and in stock.
  • 1-17-09 Extended Dogbone for Monoblock   An extended dogbone for the monoblock with Thunder or Lightning Chassis.
  • 4-07-07  5 Gallon V-Rod SuperTank  now you can replace that 3.4 gal stock tank and not be the one who's running out of gas anymore.
  • 1-16-07  Nomadio Reacts are available   Smaller, lighter and less expensive. You'll like these.
  • 1-03-07  Gen 2 Monoblock Chassis Extension you asked for it, you got it, the new Gen2 Monoblock works with Thunder and Lightning.
  • 12-08-05 Monoblock Chassis Extension  32mm more length for your stock Maxx and Lightrace applications.
  • 11-09-05 23mm Wheel hexes   These fit the UE drives and work with the new 23mm wheels.
  • 8-1-05 The new Nomadio Sensor   is fantastic
  • 6-04-05 Ø8mm Titanium CVDS are available   lighter than stock plastic, these are great for LightRace applications.
  • 6-01-05 UE Stickers   You asked for them, you got them, UE Stickers.
  • 9-04-04 SuperSavage CVDS available now.   incredibly strong, yet lightweight, these beefy CV drives will take anything you can throw at them and are now available for The Savage.
  • 9-04-04 VBS4JT Chassis in Stock    by popular demand, we have made a chassis for the JT truck that works with the VBS.
  • 7-05-04 Razorback Revealed   Wild new design, see the latest in the forums
  • 6-25-04 Ø8mm SuperDUTY Axles   incredibly strong, yet lightweight, these beefy stubs will take anything you can throw at them.
  • 5-8-04 RB Thunder .28 Pullstart after considerable pleading from the public RB Concept has designed a motor just for us Monster Truck Users. Thanks RB.
  • 5-5-04 Titanium CVDS are available now.
  • 4-12-04 Super4 FOC are a superlite hardened steel Forward only conversion compatible with stock plastic driveshafts (and other cross hole type systems.)
  • 3-1-04 Pullstart RB's are available. We banded together with Crispy Critter to bring back the pullstart RB motors.
  • 2-2-04 Victory Bulkless System after two years in development we have finished the VBS. Now Shipping.
  • 12-1-03 Predator Race Chassis is shipping now. This joint venture with Dace to create the lightest small block racing chassis possible was a little slow getting out of the gate, but it's shipping now and WOW what a chassis. 40 grams lighter than the stock TRX deck and plastic lower braces. With strength that's off the charts this chassis is bound to bring you to the winner's circle.
  • 10-28-03 Announcing the all new WideTrac™ Knuckles,available now.
  • 9-28-03 We are proud to announce our Victory Bulkless System (VBS.) This replaces bulkheads, differential housings, shock towers and more in one integrated design. Also provides significant handling advantages due to the advanced geometry. 
  • 8-11-03 Super6 Hardened Steel FOC.

    Final testing of production kits went flawlessly this weekend.
    We loaded SM1 & DeereMaxx up with these and went out with the mission to break them.
    Both trucks are equipped with
      RB S7's, mine is ported to the moon w/ a fresh rebuild, Dan has some mild porting on his.
      7.5 Differentials
      4 shoe clutches and strobe slippers (locked down)
      UE input gears w/ the 2nd gear mod.
      UE center shafts & CVs

    We took them to the Field of Carnage and did our level best to break them - we we not successful. The Super6s look perfect when I pulled them back apart this morning.
    The track was sticky wet. Really hooking up. Both trucks would go overbackwards without some careful throttle management.
    Exploding tires were common - not one set of tires left in our group is worth a hoot. All suffered from excessive speed, side bite and abuse.
    All in all I'm quite pleased with the results. No surprises, they just worked - one less thing to think about.
    The first batch of kits are complete, we are packaging them up and will begin shipping them this week.
    Those of you who have had 8 & 10mm FOC's on backorder and have been so patient will be the first to receive these - no extra charge. Thank you for being patient, I know it took a lot longer than ever anticipated, but the wait was worth it.


  • 8-1-03 Generation 2 WideTrack™ Suspension.

    Gen 2 WideTracs are available now. The Gen2 are now 7075-T6 (nearly twice the strength of 6061) for both the arms & towers. We've also upgraded them to our famous KnuckleHead Towers for the utmost in adjustability. Part number 13120B.


  • 7-18-03 8 Spyder gear differentials are now available. UltraLite 7.5 differentials can now be ordered with these new kits. Part number 13540B. 
  • 7-12-03 New SuperClutch 4 Shoe Clutch & Flywheel & clutch kits are in. These 4 shoe 1/8th scale flywheels are ideal for EXT Nitro Chassis (and other Maxx chassis) as well as being a direct replacement for the HPI Savage.



    NEW RacerX SuperShock Kit. We've enhanced the shock kit and are also including a full set of the Dual Rate springs  


    NEW Dual Rate springs. We've made four new dual rate springs for the SuperShocks. Dual rate springs are soft for their initial half the travel then stiffen up for the second half providing the best of both worlds. These are available in 4 different spring rates. We've powder coated them in 4 different colors for easy identification.


    12-8-02 Announcing Pullstart RB Engines. RB's engines in a dissassembled pullstart kit form.
    12-8-02 Announcing the new Nitro Transmission Input Gear. This replaces the Traxxas 4992 and eliminates gear failures.
    7-04-02 Introducing SuperMaxx UltraLite 7.5 Differentials. 1/8th scale bomb proof differentials for your Maxx.
    3-25-02 Widetrac™ Suspension Stage 1 & 2 kits are now in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

    3-10-02 New SuperMaxx RacerX Suspension

    With our new Racer X suspension, we have not only met racer's needs, we've exceeded them. SuperStrong yet light with tons of adjustability. Here's a rough draft of the page for more info.

    RacerX Suspension


    3-9-02 Pre-Orders are now being taken on the EXT Lightning chassis for the E-Maxx.


    If you've been looking for the best, look no further, you've found it.
    Unlimited Engineering...

    We originate new ideas and transform them into superior products. We take years of experience and combine it with true inspiration to create original designs. You won't find any plastic copies here.

    Our kits have been through extensive computer and real world testing. We use only the very latest in "CAD/CAM" (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing), such as solid modeling, finite element analysis (stress), dynamics (motion), and software for programming the CNC machines. Then we strap it to a fire breathing prototype .21 powered Maxx and launch it into orbit, slam it into walls and pound it into the ground.

    We select the very finest specialists and craftsman to manufacture the highest quality products available using the very best materials available for the application. Many of these individuals are straight out of the aerospace industry and are used to producing parts to aerospace standards.

    Our products are becoming world renowned for being the highest quality RC parts available. 



    4-6-04 We've re-written the checkout process on the site.
    Post any problems or suggestions in the GenIII Website development forum and we'll get them fixed as soon as possible.


    12-16-03 Christmas Celebration: I've thrown a couple of the popular items into a special, hope this fits your needs.

    Also for those last minute shoppers (yes, I include myself in this list) the safe deadline to get items under the tree via our standard shipping is Friday the 19th. In theory you should be safe by Monday, but with the holiday rush, Monday may be risky. For those very last minute shoppers (me too) you can get your item overnight by adding this item to your cart. I'll do my very best to get it out in time to be under the tree.

    Happy Holidays from all of us here at Unlimited Engineering.


      11-21-03 Launch of Generation III of the Unlimited Engineering website. True Merchant account and credit card processing. We have a shopping cart! Secure Socket Layer Servers w/ 128 bit encryption for the highest level of security possible. On-line order tracking will come on-line in the next few weeks

    Many thanks to Desktop Connection for all their assistance.



    7-28-03 RC Madness event in Ct.

    It was a mad scramble to build trucks. Monday dawned with not one screw in one truck, plan was to leave Wed night (ended up being Thurs night for a Fri PM arrival.)

    I intended to run 5 trucks. #5 never got quite finished. #4 (the smallblock) got finished and run for the first time for a minute or so in the last qual Saturday. We did a little practice with it that night, seemed to run good. It was entered in the Sun AM qual and got 2nd qualifier just barely behind Greg. Special thanks to Dace & crew & the guys over at Crispy Critter for motors and parts.

    In the small block A main it was passing lapped traffic before it's first fuel stop. Walking away from the crowd for what looked like an easy win. Unfortunately an unsecured pipe was sticking out in the track right at the max speed point in the backstretch, it reached out and grabbed the rear wheel and literally removed half the rear suspension. That’s racing. We ran it back to the pits and began repairs. I was able to do a band aid repair in ~8 minutes and get it back on the track where Rob (the driver) let it all hang out for the rest of the 30 minute main. He came back from 9th place to finish 4th. Way to go Rob. Stop blaming yourself for the crash, you did a great job.

    The other 3 big block trucks qualified for the A-main as well, w/ one of them TQ. Bubber Jones driving DeereRazor came out from his cave (where he’s not driven for 8 months) and looked good running the truck, he qualified for the A and was running well, sadly blown clutch bearings took him out of the running a few minutes before the end. Rob had his hands full with the .15 Razorback and some fierce competition, he pulled off 3rd place. Way to go Rob. Greg made driving the C5 look easy and really laid it down. Once he had lapped the field he started goofing and showing off for the crowd. Repeated triple jumps at the egging of the announcer – not all of them successful. He certainly gave it the abuse test, and it took it and came back for more easily winning the big block A-main. Very nice driving Greg.

    We had fun. Big thanks to RC Madness & RCCA.


      7-08-03 We've a new support forum up and running on our server.




    Absolutely No PayPal I'm fed up with PayPal.

    It’s been a series of one problem after another since I began using them.
    The recent changes in their Terms of Service is the last straw.
    I've known it was coming, and we were shooting to have the merchant account & shopping cart finished by the deadline and just didn't make it.
    Jump over to www.NoPayPal.com and take a wander thru the forums, the shear number of horror stories is staggering.
    Those of you using PayPal who have blindly agreed to the Terms of Service better print it out and take a hard look at what you've agreed to.



    Back today from the Proline Nitro Maxx Challenge. Our .15 prototype truck was so fast in the .15 class they booted it to Outlaw where it was Top Qualifier. Even though built for .15 (stock TRX diffs & plastic sliders) driver Billy Fisher achieved 2nd place with it, beaten only by world class driver Chris Moore. Well done Billy!

    The C5 powered truck was super fast and Ryan Mayfield drove excellently, though for some reason it drank it's whole tank in just over 4 minutes, two flame outs prevented Ryan from placing as well as he deserved. Great effort Ryan - way to give it the driveline durability test for the last 1/2 of the race.

    Many thanks to all those who helped out.



    We'll be out of the office from 5-14-03 to 5-20-03. Racing in Ca, wish us luck. 

      0-27-02 We had a great time at MIA II. A big thanks to all the guys who put it on. Here's a quick video of the end of the event, more to come.  
      5-14-02 While I had no intention of announcing our new racetruck just yet, information has been publicized and it's time to correct some of the misconceptions. So we unveil the new SuperMaxx Racetruck http://www.unlimitedengineering.com/RacerX.shtml  
      4-8-02 We will be attending the MaxxTraxx Texas Thunder event from Thursday April 11th to the following Thursday and will be closed during that time.  
    Designed by Americans, built by Americans with American materials, we take pride in being an American and support the USA!

    NYC Firemen

    Our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by the tragedies in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001.
    9-11-03 Never Forget
    9-17-03 I got an e-mail from Captain Spinelli of the Black Widow Squadron.
    He flys an F-16 and is involved in operation Iraqi Freedom, call-sign ‘Worm’.
    They take an American Flag and fly it over the Iraq for someone.
    Not really knowing what we were talking about I still thought it was pretty cool.
    Today in the mail comes this package. I open it and am totally stunned.
    A letter from Chris, a flag (that's had some serious flight time), some patches from the Black Widows Squadron and a certificate that this flag was flown.
    I’m blown away, immediately cleared a space on the wall and put it up.
    Thank you Chris.
    As always we support the armed forces – GO USA!!
    9-11-02 In memory of those who lost their lives on 9-11-01 we have shut down today. We will re-open tomorow.
    For those of you in the armed forces, see the page dedicated to those serving our country.

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